Performance art was the catalyst for David Allyn’s career as a ceramic artist. His gigs as “Uncle Thirsty” led him Read more
Ben Anderson, born in 1960, has a BFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA Read more
Astrid, an American artist born in Havana, Cuba, has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an Read more
A multi-faceted artist and musician, Andrew Moon Bain was born in 1974 in Texas and grew up in the Pacific Read more
A Pittsburgh native, Boris Bally received a BFA in metals from Carnegie Mellon University. Not afraid to take on the “form Read more
Jillian Barber, originally from England, grew up in Westerly, Rhode Island. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design Read more
David Barnes is a Newport artist with a long trajectory of success as a painter and teacher in Rhode Island. He Read more
Deborah Baronas grew up on a New England farm and came of age as a designer in the textile industry. Read more
With camera in hand, Reenie Barrow is equally happy photographing flowers from her back yard as well as packing her Read more
Howard Ben Tré’s sculpture, and especially, as we shall see, his public works, are permeated by idealism. Even when his Read more
Nicholas Benson, at the age of 15, began an apprenticeship at The John Stevens Shop with his father, John Benson. Read more
Kate Blacklock’s early love of ceramics came from her viewing of the Pre-Columbian pottery at New York’s Museum of Natural Read more
Making art is a marinade of questions. The questions concern everything from major concepts to small details. Solutions arrive from Read more
Leslie Bostrom, born in 1951, received a BA from the University of Maine and an MFA in painting from the Read more
Originally from New Orleans, Coral Bourgeois, born in 1954, received her BFA from Northern Texas State University. An artist who Read more
Born in Rhode Island in 1963, Stephen Brownell has a degree in botany from the University of Rhode Island, but Read more
Born in 1954 in Wisconsin, Donna Bruton received a BFA from Michigan State University, an MFA from Yale University and Read more
Jesse Burke is a New England native and currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife and their three girls—Clover, Read more
“Nature is my model, sometimes literally, always conceptually. With clay and glaze I imitate nature. With function and form; color and Read more
Nilton Cardenas, of Inca heritage, grew up in Lima, Peru where he studied journalism and painting at the University of Read more
Nicole Chesney, born in 1971, moved to Providence seven years ago, after undergraduate studies at the California College of Art Read more
Born in 1973, Brian Chippendale grew up around the Philadelphia area. His entry into the Providence art and music scene Read more
Born in 1957 in Massachusetts, Daniel Clayman trained as a theater and modern dance lighting designer. He received a BFA Read more
Dennis Congdon holds a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Yale University. Read more
I make art. The art I make is a product of my experiences, for better or worse. The work often represents Read more
I am a painter who has lived and worked in Providence, Rhode Island for the past forty-one years. I received Read more
Collage is at the heart of John DeMelim’s art; to him it is the most cohesive way to represent the myriad Read more
David DeMelim pursues parallel explorations in printmaking and photography. He earned a BFA from the University of Rhode Island, studying Read more
After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1984, with two degrees in Industrial Design, Peter Diepenbrock launched Read more
Bob Dilworth, born in 1951, received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from the School Read more
A native New Englander who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, Gretchen Dow Simpson spent many years living Read more
John Dunnigan is a designer, maker, and educator. A native of Providence, Dunnigan is a graduate of the University of Rhode Read more
Born in New York City in 1961, Steven Easton came to Providence in 1978 to attend the Rhode Island School Read more
Wendy Edwards’ gravitation from a childhood on a farm in Virginia to undergraduate study in Philadelphia at the University of Read more
Jerold Ehrlich studied sculpture at Connecticut College. He has lived in Austria, Italy, and Japan and now resides in Narragansett, Read more
Born in Israel in 1964, Yizhak Elyashiv received a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and Read more
Best known as the creator and, since 1994, the artistic and executive director of WaterFire, Barnaby Evans received his BS Read more
When I was a student I attended a lecture by Naum Gabo the painter and sculptor whose philosophy of Constructive Read more
Installation artist, filmmaker, and author Ann Fessler has spent four decades using her platform as an artist to bring hidden Read more
Richard Fishman grew up in Roxbury, Massachusetts and attended Boston University before transferring to the Rhode Island School of Design Read more
Ana Flores is a sculptor and ecological designer. Her work, focusing on cultural and ecological narratives, is shown internationally and Read more
Lucas Foglia’s recent photography exhibition at Brown University’s David Winton Bell Gallery, “A Natural Order,” portrayed people who left cities Read more
In 1978 David Frazer began teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design, and he is still there in 2016, Read more
I was born in New York City and moved upstate with my family when I was five. I have always Read more
Nancy Friese obtained her BS in nursing from the University of North Dakota, in the state where she was born Read more
Julie Gearan enjoys exploring a narrative in her painting; she describes herself as “a painter of themes that connect human relationships of Read more
Hank Gilpin enrolled at the Rhode Island School of Design to do graduate work in photojournalism after serving as a Read more
Extraordinary and elegant in quality and beauty, Michael Glancy’s sculptures reveal the artist’s exacting struggle towards perfection. Drawing inspiration from natural macro- and Read more
My inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere, and I truly mean everywhere. I probably cannot find a place in the known Read more
A native Californian born in 1980, Corey Grayhorse came to Rhode Island in 2002. She brought with her a California Read more
Malcolm Grear was born in Kentucky in 1931, trained as a welder in the Navy and studied at the Art Read more
Born in 1946, Bunny Harvey came to the Rhode Island School of Design where she obtained a BFA, MFA and Read more
Tayo Heuser’s father was in the diplomatic corps; she was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up attending French schools Read more
Paul Housberg creates site-specific works in glass for corporate, hospitality, healthcare and public environments. He says, “my work explores the Read more
The son of Greek immigrants, Philip Jamoulis Jameson was born in 1930, in Fall River, Massachusetts, and his parents stressed Read more
Shawn Kenney, born in Connecticut, grew up in Washington state and the Mid-Atlantic states before returning to New England to Read more
Scott Lapham was born in Massachusetts in 1968 and came to Providence to attend the Rhode Island School of Design. Read more
Irene Lawrence is a painter, printmaker, and maker of books as well as a musician who studies the cello and the Read more
Eugene Lee is a Tony Award-winning set designer who has been resident designer at Trinity Rep since 1967. Born in Read more
Meg Little successfully combines function with fine art in her handtufted rugs with designs inspired by ancient petroglyphs as well Read more
  “‘Written in Stone,’ as the saying goes. This is my work. Tap, tap, tap, announces the dance between mallet, Read more
Saberah Malik, of Warwick, has combined the traditional and the innovative in both her art and her life. The daughter Read more
Looking back throughout my 40 years of photographing what do I see through that clear singular reflective lens of time? Read more
Peter Marcus’ recent focus is on “The New American Family,” the title of his recent exhibition at the Newport Art Read more
Xander Marro is a fake scientist/olde style tinker residing at the dirt palace; a feminist cupcake encrusted netherworld located along Read more
“Painting for me is neither a magical channeling of creative forces, nor a juggling act of conceptual ideas. It is, Read more
The art of Jane Masters is multi-faceted, like the artist’s upbringing and education. Born in 1962 in London, Masters grew Read more
Photographer Annu Palakunnathu Matthew was born in England in 1964, grew up in India and lives in Providence; she is Read more
Mary Beth Meehan is a photographer whose work explores issues of culture, community, and visibility. She undertakes long-term, in-depth projects, Read more
Sculpture and science intersect in the work of Stephen Metcalf, whose large, often kinetic works derive from a structural principle Read more
Alan Metnick was born in Chicago and came of age in the 1960s. Shaken by the political turmoil of the era, Read more
Denny Moers is known for his highly imaginative, technically innovative monoprints created by controlling the action of light on the Read more
As the founder and president of Morris Nathanson Design, with offices in New York, Boston and Providence, Morris Nathanson has Read more
Ilse Buchert Nesbitt was born in Germany and spent her childhood in Japan, absorbing the influence of sumi brush painting practiced Read more
Originally inspired by the redwood forests in her native California, Allison Newsome sculpts on site, in response to the land. Read more
My current work consists of geometric shapes that are built by the systematic application of repeated marks to a visual Read more
Barbara Owen received a dual degree in sculpture and poetry at Bennington College. She wrote a creative thesis under the Read more
Life’s course does not always follow the planned route. These days, as time allows, I am drawn to the sea, Read more
Allison Paschke explores dimensionality and geometry in her abstract sculptures and installations. She uses reflective and translucent materials such as Read more
Well-known as the creator of The Plaza of Art and Cultures/La Plaza del Arte y Las Culturas, the mural on Read more
A multi-disciplinary artist, Lisa Perez makes abstract sculptural paintings, objects and works on paper that investigate attention, perception and spatial Read more
The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary defines proportion as ‘the relation of one part to another.’ Pleasing proportions render the whole Read more
Erminio Pinque is the founder and artistic director of BIG NAZO, an international performance group and creature-making studio in Providence. Read more
Peter Prip, the son of Danish master metalsmith John Prip, was born in Denmark, shortly before his father came to Read more
Janet Prip, the daughter of Danish master metalsmith John Prip, was born in 1950 in New York. By the time Read more
I have been painting and drawing forever, and from the moment my little fingers picked up a bulky crayon my Read more
Andrew Raftery’s roots were in East Providence, from where his first generation Irish father came. He grew up in Washington, Read more
Originally from East Providence, Rhode Island, Tony Ramos was born in 1944, obtained a BA in art from Southern Illinois Read more
James Reynolds, born in 1962, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, and studied metalsmithing in San Miguel de Read more
CW Roelle grew up in and around Palmyra/ Shortsville/ Manchester NY. The Finger Lakes region. It’s pretty up there. After Read more
Jessica Deane Rosner was raised in Manhattan and received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she majored Read more
Anthony Russo graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 1971 with a BFA but was undecided about a career Read more
A musician and visual artist, William Schaff is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, and works from Read more
Born in 1927 to Greek immigrant parents in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Thomas Sgouros is a fifty year veteran of the Rhode Read more
After completing a BS in metals and painting at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, Monica Shinn moved to Read more
Brian Shure is a painter and printmaker working with representations of people in public spaces. He received a BA from Read more
Duane Slick identifies himself as a first generation urban Indian, born of a father from the Meskwaki Nation in Iowa— Read more
Dean Snyder’s sculpture has been characterized as “uncanny ‘graphical’ organicism experienced through seamless assemblies of highly considered forming, molding, and Read more
Esther Solondz grew up in New Jersey, receiving a BA from Clark University in 1975 and an MFA in photography Read more
Rosanne Somerson is the president at the Rhode Island School of Design, she came to the institution as a freshman Read more
Kenn Speiser, born in 1946, grew up in New York, and graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with Read more
Artist Meredith Stern obtained a BFA in Ceramics at Tulane University in New Orleans. She is a member of the Read more
Mark Taber’s artistic world is one of other people’s “junk” assembled to create fantastical chariots. These assemblages of everyday objects that Read more
Her love of Celtic culture inspires the creative life of artist Laura Travis. She is a sculptor, carving primarily in limestone, soapstone Read more
John Udvardy retired from a thirty-four year career teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design where he chaired the Read more
Judyth vanAmringe’s art is based on years of design work as well as the intricacies of artistic process. She is a Read more
A native of California, Wendy Wahl was born in 1961 and received a BA from California State University, Northridge, before Read more
Neal Walsh, born in Rhode Island in 1969, graduated from the University of Rhode Island and received important artistic training Read more
Gail Whitsitt-Lynch’s art reflects her curiosity and fascination with animate structures, examining how and why they appear over and over Read more
Richard Whitten’s paintings are meticulously crafted images on shaped wood panels. They are definitely painting but teeter at the edge Read more
McDonald Wright transferred from the Pennsylvania College of Technology to the Rhode Island School of Design, where he graduated with Read more
I began working with glass in 1970 because it is an extraordinarily versatile material and I believed that there were Read more