Mark Taber


Mark Taber, photo by Scott Lapham.

Mark Taber’s artistic world is one of other people’s “junk” assembled to create fantastical chariots. These assemblages of everyday objects that the Rhode Island native, born in 1943, has been making for over twenty years are often whimsical but also a trip into “a parallel reality,” as Taber says. Music informs Taber’s visions as well, sometimes literally, with remnants of piano keyboards, and also in its ability to transport us to different places. Taber, who grew up in a musical family, is a longtime and well known pianist in Rhode Island. His work has been exhibited regionally, and a piece was included in the Smithsonian SITES publication Seeing Jazz.

Source: NetWorks 2011 – 2012 Catalogue

Mark Taber, Amy's Ride Home

Amy’s Ride Home, 2004
Mixed media, 78 x 24 x 37 in


Video: Richard Goulis
Music: Mark Taber – Piano, “Taber” Written and performed by Sarah Lupo © 2008, “The Met Open Blues Jam” Rob Nelson (lead guitar/vocals), Cory Bellucci (guitar), Rick Couto (drums), Dick Souza (bass), Mark Taber (piano)
Photographs: Nancy Palmieri, Sandor Bodo, Constance Brown, William K. Daby
Producer: Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.

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About The Author
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  • Bill McQuade

    Hi, see ur still doing the sculpture stuff and playing with ur son, would love to talk to you, what is ur phone number? The one I have is 40 year old!

    • Tim Blankenship

      Hi Bill, I’m not sure how much Mark pays attention to this page, so it might not be the best place to reach him. I will forward your note to him privately via email so he can follow up if he is so inclined. All the best, Tim

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