Philip Jamoulis Jameson


Philip J. Jameson, photo by Scott Lapham.

The son of Greek immigrants, Philip Jamoulis Jameson was born in 1930, in Fall River, Massachusetts, and his parents stressed the importance of education early on. Jameson’s first passion was medicine. He became a radiologist, pioneering in radiotherapy in Fall River. His second passion was photography: he sees a relation between the interpretation of minute details in both his radiology and photography. Jameson attended workshops with Fred Picker in Vermont and in the Southwest, the latter area becoming a favorite subject for his large-scale landscape photographs. His work has been exhibited nationally and is included in the collections of many institutions.

Source: NetWorks 2011 – 2012 Catalogue


Yosemite Lower Falls, Series #3/5, 1991
Crane Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Photo Surface Paper, K3 opaque inks with photo black, 44 x 55 in.


Video: Richard Goulis
Yosemite Footage: Philip Jamoulis Jameson, M.D.
Santa Barbara Museum of Art Footage: Scott McClaine
Music: Beethoven, Violin Concerto in D Major, OP16, Greek Ballads, Parios, Wolverine Big Band, Let’s Dance, String of Pearls, Night Train ©1989
Fred Picker Photograph: Andy Simonds
Special Thanks: Karen Sinsheimer (Curator, SBMA) and The Jameson Family
Producer: Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.

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