NetWorks Rhode Island, a visual arts project, was initiated in 2008 by Rhode Island arts sponsor and collector Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.  Conceived with Umberto Crenca, artistic director of the alternative arts center AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island, NetWorks Rhode Island proposed to document, celebrate, and foster the richly creative and diverse professional visual arts community in contemporary Rhode Island through profiles of individual artists and their work.  Seventeen profiles were produced that first year.

Video: NetWorks 2008 Dr. Joseph Chazan and Umberto Crenca
The two main forces behind the NetWorks Project, Joseph A.Chazan, MD, a Nephrologist and Friend of Artists, and
Umberto Crenca, Artistic Director of the art center AS220 in Providence, RI, talk about it’s origins, scope and purpose.

During each subsequent year through 2016, additional profiles were produced, eventually forming an archive of 113 video and photographic profiles supplemented by museum and gallery exhibits, printed catalogues and panel discussions.  Each fall, RI PBS broadcasted the newly released profiles and has frequently re-broadcasted profiles from previous years, providing broad access to the content.

About the project, executive producer Joseph A. Chazan, M.D. says,”we all benefit from the presence of gifted and skilled working artists as creative catalysts in our midst,” adding “the NetWorks Rhode Island project celebrates the significance of what Rhode Island artists do as they toil daily, usually in a solitary way, seeking excellence as they strive to create.”

NetWorks Rhode Island and WaterFire Providence have partnered to ensure continued open access to this richly inspiring content.

NetWorks Rhode Island is presented in part by WaterFire Providence.

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