Brian Chippendale

Brian Chippendale

Brian Chippendale, photo by Scott Lapham.

Born in 1973, Brian Chippendale grew up around the Philadelphia area. His entry into the Providence art and music scene came after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in printmaking in the early 1990s. He began to make posters and comics and was one of four founders of Fort Thunder, a warehouse space in an old textile factory in Olneyville, that was a center for underground art and music from 1995 until 2001. Chippendale is well known as the drummer/vocalist for the noise rock band Lightning Bolt that has performed internationally and released five albums. Chippendale has produced the poster art for Lightning Bolt as well as art comic books including Ninja, Maggots and If’n Oof.

Source: NetWorks 2011 – 2012 Catalogue

Brian Chippendale The High Castle

The High Castle, 2011
Collage on wood with silkscreen, drawing and painting, 58 x 48 in.


Video: Richard Goulis
Building Blocks Exhibit filmed at the Museum of art Rhode Island School of Design, Providence
Fort Thunder Footage: High Proof Films 1997 and Ryan Worsley
Lightning Bolt Video: recorded at The Met, Providence, RI courtesy of Graham Bessellieu Grayson Kohs
“Ride The Sky” Lightning Bolt Live at ATP 2009 From Ride the SKies, video Courtesy of Videochemist
Executive Producer: Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.

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