Gretchen Dow Simpson

Gretchen Dow Simpson, photo by Scott Lapham.

Gretchen Dow Simpson, photo by Scott Lapham.

A native New Englander who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, Gretchen Dow Simpson spent many years living in New York City, where she completed over 65 covers for The New Yorker magazine. In 1985, an exhibition at the Newport Art Museum brought her back to the area, and she moved to Providence’s East Side. Simpson considers herself a “painter with a photographer’s eye,” and architectural forms have always drawn her. Simpson has shown her work at the Virginia Lynch Gallery in RI and the Mary Ryan Gallery in NYC and numerous other venues. She recently painted a mural on Route 95 for the Governor’s Highway Beautification Project. She has been the recipient of a Pell award and an  honorary doctorate from Bryant University.

Source: NetWorks 2015-2016 Catalogue

Structure #8, 2015 Oil on linen, 18 x 22 in.

Structure #8, 2015
Oil on linen, 18 x 22 in.


Video: Richard Goulis
Executive Producer: Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.

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