Walter Feldman (1925-2017)

Walter Feldman, 2008 Digital print from color film by Scott Lapham

Walter Feldman, Digital print from color film by Scott Lapham

When I was a student I attended a lecture by Naum Gabo the painter and sculptor whose philosophy of Constructive Realism had a profound effect on all modern art. He began his remarks by saying, “ It has always been my principle to let my work speak for itself, following the maxim that a work of art does not need to be explained by its author, that it is rather the other way around, it is the author that is explained by his work of art.” In this complex and difficult, world-shattered environment, we can’t make comparisons with norms- but the artist can say- HERE I AM…This is how I see the world..I believe my work reflects the inexpressible -yet is the most effective means of communication between the members of human society.

Source: NetWorks 2008 Catalogue


The Warrior (Head of Pre-Columbian Warrior), 1966
Oil ink on prepared paper 40 x 28 in.


Video: Richard Goulis
Andante by Carl Friedrich Abel
“Non Piu Andrai” (Le Nozze Di Figaro), “Non Sai Tu” (La Favorita) “Il Lacerato Spirito” (Simone Baccanegra) by Ezio Pinza, Preiser Records 1994
Still Photography:
Edward Huff
Brooke Hammerle
United States National Archives and Records Administration
Brown University Art Slide Library, Norine Duncan Scholarly Resources Librarian, Karen A. Bouchard, Associate Curator
Additional Footage from: “Walter Feldman – Painting With Glass” Amedia Productions, 1999
Executive Producer: Joseph A. Chazan M.D.

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