Angel Quinonez

Angel Quinonez, 2008 Digital print from color film by Scott Lapham

Angel Quinonez, Digital print from color film by Scott Lapham

I have been painting and drawing forever, and from the moment my little fingers picked up a bulky crayon my love for all things art began. I always wanted to be an artist, and throughout my life I have been blessed with people that have pushed me in the right directions. My artwork is driven by the necessity to create, or capture things or ideas. I often paint things that are part of my environment, drawing from books, films, my music collection, and friends. I am constantly thinking about all my pieces that are in progress, and new work that I am trying to figure out. I have always been my biggest critic. My studio is filled with paintings that have been sitting for years. It took a long time to be able to put work aside. I used to sit in front of a painting for hours, even days. I don’t know what direction my new work is heading. I have been carving wood, and small pieces of stone for the past couple of years. I am always trying to explore new mediums, and trying to take things to new levels. After all these years I am still trying to create the perfect painting.

Source: NetWorks 2008 Catalogue


La Pieta, 2004
Acrylic, gold leaf on plywood 31 x 42 in.


Produced and directed by: Seth Gass
Director of photography: Eric Egerton
Edited by: Joshua Gass
A Shadow Puppets Entertainment Production
Executive Producer: Joseph A. Chazan M.D.

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