Pain and Such: Mixed Media Drawings by Umberto Crenca

Umberto Crenca will exhibit a series of 61 small-scale framed drawings created between August and October 2016 while confined to his bed with debilitating back pain. The multi-media drawings are the product of his efforts to stay sane in the face of severe and inescapable pain, physical limitation and social isolation. They chart the progression of his experience from the initial descent into this acute condition and lack of clarity about the cause, to the eventual diagnosis, to the anticipation and hope of relief through surgery, to the postoperative healing period.

Thursday, January 19th, 2016 at 5 PM – 8 PM
NicoBella’s Restaurant, 74 Dorrance Street, Providence

Pain and Such: Mixed Media Drawings by Umberto Crenca

About The Author

Tim is the Interactive Media Manager at WaterFire Providence. He has been involved with NetWorks Rhode Island since 2016 and is responsible for the design and content management of the NetWorks Rhode Island website. He is also the social media manager for NetWorks Rhode Island.

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