Funerary Art and Monuments

The North Burial Ground and Swan Point Cemetery are two prominent Providence cemeteries exemplifying the artistic riches and tranquil settings to be found in historic cemeteries. Family memorials honoring the deceased reveal the evolution of a city’s culture and industry. Ronald Onorato, Ph.D., professor of art history and department chair of art and art history at the University of Rhode Island, is a published expert on historic cemeteries. Onorato shows us extraordinary museum-quality sculpture and architecture “hiding in plain sight” outdoors for all to see.


Host: Ronald J. Onorato, Professor of Art History University of Rhode Island
Creative Director: Victoria Veh
Producer/Director/Editor: Richard Goulis
Executive Producer: Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.

About The Author
- A topical discussion program co-produced by NetWorks Rhode Island and Rhode Island PBS. It addresses issues facing artists in Rhode Island and is designed to heighten awareness of the artistic community within Rhode Island.

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