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Sara Agniel, from Buonaccorsi+Agniel Gallery, Deb Dormody from Craftland and artist Brian Chippendale discuss the role of galleries in Rhode Island and beyond. They take a look at the relationship between gallerist, artist and collector, discuss the function of a gallery as a place to view and buy art as well as a place for the exchange of ideas between artists’, collectors and community.


Hosted by: Martina Windels
Executive Producer: Joseph A. Chazan, M.D.
Producer: Richard Goulis
Director: Pablo J. Mijares
Audio: Andrew Gannon
Video: Scott Saracen
Videotape: Daniel Alves
Lighting: Joseph Brathwaite
Cameras: Patrick O’brien, Michael Mercurio, Theodore DiLucia
SteadiCam: Joseph Brathwaite
Editor: Scott Saracen
Makeup: Kirsten Brusse, Joli Visage
Consultant: Candita Clayton
Music: Keith Munslow
Rug courtesy of: Meg Little

For Rhode Island PBS:

Program Director: Kathryn Larsen
Production Manager: David Marseglia

Produced in association with Rhode Island PBS

About The Author
- A topical discussion program co-produced by NetWorks Rhode Island and Rhode Island PBS. It addresses issues facing artists in Rhode Island and is designed to heighten awareness of the artistic community within Rhode Island.

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